Wonder Woman, Transformed

Wonder Woman! Get us out from under, Wonder Woman All our hopes are pinned upon you and the magic that you do

Stop a bullet cold make the axis fold change their minds and change the world Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman! You're a wonder, Wonder Woman!

Does that sound like your personal theme song that has been playing since we have been sheltering in place? All the days are looking the same. The alarm goes off, you drag out of bed, you attempt to do everything; only to accomplish about half of the things on your to-do list, go to bed, maybe sleep for 4 hours before the alarm goes off and you start all over again. Sound familiar?

Newsflash! You are not Wonder Woman, and no one expects you to be like her either. Somewhere along the way, you adopted the idea that if your to-do list was not a mile long that you were somehow being lazy or were not successful as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, or friend. No one expects you to put on your headband or tights and stop a bullet with your gold wrist cuffs while home-schooling your 3rd grader. Could it be that you have placed those unobtainable expectations on yourself?

No matter the conditions under which you adopted this manner of thinking, I challenge you to change your mind to change your world. Realizing that you cannot be Wonder Woman to everyone, nor everything provides you with the opportunity to spend more time practicing mindfulness. Being mindful requires you to be more deliberate about how you spend your time each day. You begin to recognize what is important during a time when what was once considered normal, no longer exist.

What is important? Calming the anxiety of your 3rd grader who misses her friends and teachers. Spending quality time with your significant other to show support and listen to their feelings. Carving out time in the day to do something for YOURSELF.

Doing less not more still makes you a Wonder Woman!

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