Lessons Learned

I was sitting at my desk contemplating my topic for an upcoming sermon, when I realized that I would be delivering this sermon on FATHER'S Day. When I mentioned that I would be speaking to a male colleague his reply was, “Oh, you are going to be bashing the men.” At first, I laughed it off and assured him that I would not be doing that.

Then I begin to wander if I were the right person to speak on the occasion when we celebrate fathers. After several cups of tea, the thought occurred to me that I have learned many lessons from my fathers, earthly and heavenly. Many of them unspoken but heard so clearly in my mind and spirit.

My parents divorced when I was in the 2nd grade. I don’t recall many of the details, but I do have a detailed memory of the realization that because of this new family dynamic, I would no longer be attending the private Christian school that had laid the foundation of my education. Instead I would be walking 3 blocks to attend the local elementary school. Would I make friends? Would the education be the same? There were many lessons that year, yet the one that has remained with me throughout my life, is that no matter the environment my “FATHERS” are always with me.

When one door closed, they assured me another would open. When I was unsure of my abilities, they put me in new environments to learn more. When I needed motivation, they reminded me of my purpose in life. When I felt alone, the comforted me with their love.

I will admit I did not always go quietly into the goodnight to embrace the lessons being taught, but I learned them none-the-less. Thank you to my FATHER’S for always being ready to teach the lesson.

Happy Father’s Day!


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