Can You Hear Me Now

Can the one who shaped the ear not hear...

A few weeks ago as I was out attending one of the many functions that my daughter is involved with, I found myself surrounded by a group of 17 year old ladies.

I Hear You

Each on beautiful in their own right, yet still struggling to accept the inner beauty that shines brughter than what the eye can see.

My daughter mentioned sometime later that 'Star' had commemented on how cool she thought I was, brownie points for me! Of course not undersanding how anyone could think that I was cool, the queston was possed as to why she thought such things. The response was simply, "becuase I felt like she was really listening to me when we were talking."

Isn't that what we all want, to he heard? Too often we move about our daily lives not really listening to what is being said and not said by those around us. Words that need to be heard, go left unsaid. What is it that you need to hear? Today I need to hear:

That I am loved

That I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

That I am free to be the woman I am called to be

That I am heard even in the dark times

That I am more than enough

I hear you...

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