A Chosen People: the Royal Court

Do you ever have those times when everything seems to be going wrong in life? Those moments when you want to ask that question that some say we should not. That question being “why me?” As if to say, Lord why have you brought me to this place or allowed this to happen to me. During the early working ministry, I too would have those moments or days. My girlfriend would say to me word for word, “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God's own possession, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. (I Peter 2:9).” In those moments, she was earthly reminder that in this life, as a follower of Christ, we have an obligation to behave in a manner that would be pleasing to the King and no one else.

I am a fan of Netflix and when time allows, I will take recommendations on what to watch from friends and coworkers. If the show grabs my attention, binge

watching the show until there are no episodes remaining has become the norm. Such was the case with The Crown. The show is a biographical story about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Here we see a young girl who has been born into the royal family of the United Kingdom. Her father George VI grooms her for the role that he understands all too well that will fall upon her shoulders sooner than most expected. She is home schooled, not permitted to interact with many other children of her age outside of the royal family, and married the man that was selected for her, all for the sake of the crown. As the show progresses, the king sends Elizabeth and her new husband out into their governed territories to meet with the people. Thinking back on why he would have made such a decision, I understand that again he was preparing her for the challenges ahead. While on this trip, King George departs this world in his sleep. His body is prepared and left in place until the new Queen arrives at the castle. I recall her entering the lavishly decorated hallway leading to her father’s bedroom. Queen mother and sister are sitting waiting for her arrival. Her mother understanding the protocol of royalty, ushers her to step forward and proceed ahead of them. Her sister Margaret on the other hand does not recognize her as Queen and attempts to walk by her side. In that moment, the Queen Mother grabs the arm of Margaret, as if to remind her of the new role from which Elizabeth now operates. Queen Elizabeth was of a chosen race, royalty by birth, a woman not born of her own possession but of the commonwealth she governed, having her earthly excellence proclaimed by a commonwealth of people who adored her.

As much as I enjoyed the show and look forward to its continuation, I am overcome with emotion when reminded that you and me, followers of our Lord and Savior are also royalty. In this passage of scripture, Peter is reminding us that on this journey of faith, there will be temptations and a testing of our faith. He commands us to hold unto the hope we have in Christ, to follow his rule, and to receive the blessings of the kingdom of God.

In the Old Testament, a priest had to act as the go-between the people and God. However, with the victory achieved on the cross by Jesus Christ, we can now go to the King on our own accord. When we move to the New Testament, Hebrews 4:16 reminds us that we have access to the King and his blessings. Too many times we forget that as believers, we are part of the royal family and should be conducting ourselves according to the written protocol we have been given in God’s inspired word. The world would have us believe all that we have gained, all the material possessions, and all the praises that are bestowed upon us are of our own doing. There is nothing wrong with achieving these things, but we must be mindful of how these blessings are used. These possessions are not to be for the building up of our personal kingdom(s), but are to be used for the continuous building up of Gods’ kingdom (II Corinthians 5:18-21). It is key to remember that our lives are not our own. We are part of the royal family, a holy nation and it has been given to us by God who is our Father and King.

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