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--------------------     Day 16     --------------------

They will not be disgraced in times of adversity; they will be satisfied in days of hunger.

Psalms 37:19


Have you heard the saying’ “Keeping up with the Jones’ or the “the grass is greener on the other side”?


In this land of plenty, when obtaining the things, we believe will make our lives better, we make decisions that are not always right in the eyes of the Lord. We rush acquiring material things in hopes that we will be viewed as a good person. To maintain this sudden level of wealth, we continue to make decisions that still leave unsatisfied, wanting for more. Desperately trying to fill the hunger within.


When we make rash decisions to obtain things at any cost, we are foregoing the inheritance promised to us in scripture. Depending on things to quench our hunger and thirst for more, but no satisfaction comes. When we delight ourselves in the Lord, the word of God promises to provide us with the riches and peace that only He can give. 


Living for Christ will not always be an easy road to travel. There will be times of hardship and misfortune. There will be times of isolation. But the life of the righteous is way better than that of the wicked.


What do you need to satisfy the thirst you have?

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Francia Noble is an author, motivational Christian speaker, and consultant who shares her spiritual journey with refreshing honesty. As a sought-after conference speaker, radio media guest, and local church communicator, she shares the realities of her faith with a warmth and sincerity that’s contagious. You can book Francia to be your keynote speaker, as a participant on a speaker panel, as your workshop leader or to host your event. If you’ve ever thought “I am not worthy of this lifestyle”, then Francia will motivate you with creative, yet practical, ways to personally address the challenges of starting and maintaining a business that speaks to your faith. If you are yearning for a better life, one that gives you balance and spiritual growth, and if you want to be the director of that change, Francia’s dynamic, heartfelt presentation(s) will show you how to “capitalize on overlooked opportunities.”



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